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Poetry Poetry, How did you find your way to me? My mother does not know Albanian well, She writes letters like Aragon, without commas and periods, My father roamed the seas in his youth, But you have come, Walking down the pavement of my quiet city of stone, And knocked timidly at the door of my three-storey house, At Number 16. There are many things I have loved and hated in life, For many a problem I have been an 'open city', But anyway... Like a young man returning home late at night, Exhausted and broken by his nocturnal wanderings, Here too am I, returning to you, Worn out after another escapade. And you, Not holding my infidelity against me, Stroke my hair tenderly, My last stop, Poetry.
Ismail Kadare
What will be lost, and what saved, of our civilization probably lies beyond our powers to decide. No human group has ever figured out how to design its future. That future may be germinating today not in a boardroom in London or an office in Washington or a bank in Tokyo, but in some antic outpost or other -- a kindly British orphanage in the grim foothills of Peru, a house for the dying in a back street of Calcutta run by a fiercely single-minded Albanian nun, an easy-going French medical team at the starving edge of the Sahel, a mission to Somalia by Irish social workers who remember their own Great Hunger, a nursery program to assist convict-mothers at a New York Prison -- in some unheralded corner where a great-hearted human being is committed to loving o9utcasts in an extraordinary way.
Thomas Cahill (How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe)
I had hoped for a rich crop of eccentrics among them, such as I had encountered at the annual general meeting of the Anglo-Albanian Society in London a month previously. The secretary of the society was a retired optician from Ilford who had discovered the Balkan paradise late in life and learnt its language; the rank and file of the society seemed either elderly revolutionaries of the upper classes, who knew the key to world history yet somehow had never learnt how to do up their shirt buttons properly, or lonely, embittered proletarian autodidacts, who dreamed of vengeance upon the world and called it love of humanity.
Theodore Dalrymple (The Wilder Shores Of Marx: Journeys In A Vanishing World)
I was born and raised in a communist country where all religion's were forbitten. when I immigrated to the USA I told my husband now,. I want to get married in church because I don't want my children to grow up with out faith like I did! We went to Albanian church and got married but 1st we had to be baptized so on December 8, 1991 I converted to Christianity and got married, that very the same nigh I see God & Jesus on my dream! I see my self I was dropped on the side of the cross road of my childhood neighborhood ( Rusi Katolik) Shkoder, Albania! I'm standingh up on the and look around me it was raining and poring and the rain splashing down on ground, and catching on fire. I see people runging and hear them skreaming but around me was s sunshine spotlight. I hear a very firm voice come from up saying "My child tell your people in your languages stop screaming, and start praying" I tried to resist His order, and God said "DO AS YOU BEEN TOLD MY CHILD" with an very firm voice, and orderly voice. I can hear my self telling people "Moss bertit por lutu, mos bertit por lutu" (Don't scream, and start praying, don't scream start praying). I can hear people praying. The rain stopped and a bright sun come out. I hear God telling me "Well done my child" as I'm leaving going west Jesus showed up on the sky with his arms wide open. He have an light olive skin, light brawn shine waive hair , coming down to his both side of his chest. he have crystal watery blue eyes color, and pinkish lips, he smile at me and I see his pearly bright teeth. I wake up went to balcony to see if that was real or dream because it felt so real! since then I never felt the same, I felt a big burden was lifted out of my chest!
Zybeta Metani' Marashi (The Defector)
Turk, Elhamdulila The Turks took up the sword, Europe trembled, shuddered. And we too in Kosova fought For our beloved freedom. They attacked with fire and sword, For centuries our freedoms were lost, The tyrant overran us: 'You are a Turk, elhamdulila!' Religion and nation were the same, Moslem and Turk were one. He wanted us to forget our very names: 'You are a Turk, elhamdulila!' He forbade our language too, To speak no Turkish was to be an infidel. It is the word of God, they told us: 'You are a Turk, elhamdulila!' 'You are a Turk, you are a Turk,' they thundered At the Albanians for centuries, And one day one of us uttered: 'I am a Turk, elhamdulila!' But no, Turks we are not! Never! Let everyone know We have always been Albanians; Religion cannot wipe that away! No, Turks we are not! But their working people we love. After times of blood and gloom We shall go forth - hand in hand! Translated by Robert Elsie
Esad Mekuli