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When I was in London in 2008, I spent a couple hours hanging out at a pub with a couple of blokes who were drinking away the afternoon in preparation for going to that evening's Arsenal game/riot. Take away their Cockney accents, and these working-class guys might as well have been a couple of Bubbas gearing up for the Alabama-Auburn game. They were, in a phrase, British rednecks. And this is who soccer fans are, everywhere in the world except among the college-educated American elite. In Rio or Rome, the soccer fan is a Regular José or a Regular Giuseppe. [...] By contrast, if an American is that kind of Regular Joe, he doesn't watch soccer. He watches the NFL or bass fishing tournaments or Ultimate Fighting. In an American context, avid soccer fandom is almost exclusively located among two groups of people (a) foreigners—God bless 'em—and (b) pretentious yuppie snobs. Which is to say, conservatives don't hate soccer because we hate brown people. We hate soccer because we hate liberals.
Robert Stacy McCain
The teaching platform could actually focus more on what the audience didn’t do, didn’t say, and didn’t consume as opposed to a list of burdensome mainstays in peak performance world like positive affirmations, positive quotes, or the newly emerging mindfulness industry. It’s an easy first step—or easier one—to NOT do something. Within Alabama football, which has won six national titles since Saban arrived, we identified a need to eliminate negative self-talk early in the process.
Trevor Moawad (Getting to Neutral: How to Conquer Negativity and Thrive in a Chaotic World)