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Sé que estamos jodidos, ¿De acuerdo? Soy impulsivo y tengo mal genio, y te metiste bajo mi piel como nadie más. Actúas como si me odiaras un minuto, y luego como si me necesitaras al siguiente. Nunca acierto en nada, y no te merezco... pero estoy malditamente enamorado de ti, Abby. Te amo más de lo que he querido a nadie ni nada, nunca. Cuando estás cerca, no necesito alcohol, ni dinero, ni lucha, o algo de una sola noche... todo lo que necesito es a ti. Tú eres en todo lo que pienso. Eres todo lo que soñé. Eres todo lo que quiero." - Travis
Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1))
Abby era nueva y asustadiza en esto como yo. Los dos teníamos una manera bastante pobre de lidiar con nuestras emociones, y supe al segundo de darme cuenta que me había enamorado de ella que me iba a destrozar.
Jamie McGuire (Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2))
13. “The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets
Al McGuire
Un gran y relajado aliento se movió en mi pecho arriba y abajo lentamente mientras me quedé dormido al lado de la segunda mujer que había amado.
Jamie McGuire (Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2))
Memory is subjected to a psychological process consisting of the recall of an event. When recalling an event from memory, distortion and selection of certain cues take place. When emphasis is placed on a cue, the cue becomes more and more dominant because of the positive feedback involved in the conditioning. The more sexually stimulating the fantasy becomes, the greater the likelihood that the progression to a masturbatory fantasy will occur. Consequently, through conditioning, it is the fantasy itself that becomes more and more erotically arousing. McGuire et al. (1965) offered a paraphilic case example to illuminate this fantasy progression. A 17-year-old male had witnessed a young girl changing clothes through an open window. He was initially stimulated by this encounter and subsequently took to masturbating while remembering the incident. With the passage of time, the memory of the actual event became vague. However, advertisements and shop window displays of women’s lingerie continually reminded him of the initial image. These visual cues were used as part of his fantasy and, through the course of 3 years, his sexual interests in women gradually and consistently changed to include an erotic fascination with female undergarments. To sustain his paraphilic fantasy, the man either bought or stole these items.
Catherine Purcell (The Psychology of Lust Murder: Paraphilia, Sexual Killing, and Serial Homicide)
Tres meses antes, nadie me habría podido convencer de que me iba a sentir de esa manera. Ahora, no quería nada más. Un enorme y relajante suspiro hizo subir y bajar mi pecho lentamente mientras me quedaba dormido al lado de la segunda mujer que más había amado en toda mi vida.
Jamie McGuire (Inevitable desastre)
like to make practices stimulating, fun, and, most of all, efficient. Coach Al McGuire once told me that his secret was not wasting anybody’s time. “If you can’t it get done in eight hours a day,” he said, “it’s not worth doing.” That’s been my philosophy ever since. Much of my thinking on this subject was influenced by the work of Abraham Maslow, one of the founders of humanistic psychology who is best known for his theory of the hierarchy of needs. Maslow believed that the highest human need is to achieve “self-actualization,” which he defined as “the full use and exploitation of one’s talents, capacities and potentialities.” The basic characteristics of self-actualizers, he discovered in his research, are spontaneity and naturalness, a greater acceptance of themselves and others, high levels of creativity, and a strong focus on problem solving rather than ego gratification. To achieve self-actualization, he concluded, you first need to satisfy a series of more basic needs, each building upon the other to form what is commonly referred to as Maslow’s pyramid. The bottom layer is made up of physiological urges (hunger, sleep, sex); followed by safety concerns (stability, order); love (belonging); self-esteem (self-respect, recognition); and finally self-actualization. Maslow concluded that most people fail to reach self-actualization because they get stuck somewhere lower on the pyramid. In his book The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, Maslow describes the key steps to attaining self-actualization: experiencing life “vividly, selflessly, with full concentration and total absorption”; making choices from moment to moment that foster growth rather than fear; becoming more attuned to your inner nature and acting in concert with who you are; being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for what you say and do instead of playing games or posing; identifying your ego defenses and finding the courage to give them up; developing the ability to determine your own destiny and daring to be different and non-conformist; creating an ongoing process for reaching your potential and doing the work needed to realize your vision. fostering the conditions for having peak experiences, or what Maslow calls “moments of ecstasy” in which we think, act, and feel more clearly and are more loving and accepting of others.
Phil Jackson (Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success)
Siempre hay esperanza , incluso en las peores circunsancias hay una luz de esperanza. La vida no es simpre lineal , hijo. Cada decisión que tomamos , cada influencia , hecha ramas en la linea que continuamos , y al final de esa rama . Es solo una serie de pizarras en blanc. incluso después de un desastre. " Jim Maddox
Jamie McGuire (A Beautiful Funeral (The Maddox Brothers, #5))