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A myriad of small red violet-colored animals, like rabbits, burst out of the trees, surrounding the guardian god. Their long bushy tails, with specks of black among the silver hairs, remind me of the squirrels of my home world, Uhna. Their two-inch-long dark brown pedicles remind me of the female reindeer from Arrov’s home world, A’ice. But I’ve never seen rabbits that have green flower stalks with tiny white flowers entwined around their furry bodies, while A’nima magic clings to them. A tiny critter hops to me and rises on its hind legs to sniff my hand, its large green eyes glinting with surprising intelligence. Long whiskers move as its nose sniffles, then sneezes.
S.G. Blaise (Proud Pada (The Last Lumenian, #3))
The full system consisting of radar and human observers connected to an Aircraft Information Center (AIC), which would control the pursuit squadrons and air defenses. The AIC was successfully tested on 27 September 1941, more than two months before the
Alan Zimm (The Attack on Pearl Harbor: Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions)